2022 events on their way….

As you know there are 3 events we are trying to encourage our members to attend this year.

-The National Redwing Inlands – Bristol Corinthian Yacht Club – 17th-19th June

-Uffa Fox 2022 – Cowes – 18th-21st August

-Redwing National Championship – Tenby Sailing Club

We have received an update from Peter, the principal race officer for the Uffa Fox 2022 event giving some more details of their intentions. Please see the extract from his e-mail below to see more about what is going on. I think this is going to be a great social occasion and also a great opportunity for others to see and learn a bit about our boats. I believe R2 will be going and staying at Cowes, R249 and R255 are also going but due to the ferry costs, are currently planning to stay on the mainland and sailing the short(-ish) hop over each day for the festivities.


Please may I introduce myself as the PRO for the above event

We would like to have the dinghies parked on the Parade at Cowes (for which we will have security and some fencing) as that will be the focus for the event from where we will direct people to the various other activities around East and West Cowes  

If so we would launch from the slip by the RNLI and will need a number of ribs to receive the boats on the water who will nanny them across the Fairway and will also need the support of the HMs patrol boats

We will only choose this location if we consider it to be safe

The racing area would be off the Shrape and we would have a nanny/retirement facility on the water and/or on the East Cowes beach as we have the benefit of neap tides that weekend. In inclement weather we might be able to race up the Medina above East Cowes marina and UKSA but this is subject to approval by the HM and safety considerations

The alternative for the dinghies is the green at Gurnard racing off the beach there but this would lose the focus on Cowes and to a certain extent the point of the event

Keelboats will race round the cans possibly along Cowes Green for spectator appeal and interesting racing

We have had so far expressions of interest from 40 dinghies (including 4 Redwings) and around 50 keelboats (including some Nat 18s who will be moored afloat and be racing with this group)

The plan is to have two races per day of about 45 minutes each for the dinghies, a bit longer for the keelboats, on Friday and Saturday with a parade of sail before racing on the latter day  

There will be at least one social event per night on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with boats departing on Sunday morning which should suit your Nationals. There will also be exhibitions and museums relating to Uffa open over the weekend and other shoreside events being planned

We have a number of meetings taking place next Wednesday and Thursday following which we will prepare a press release/newsletter to go out in early February with details of the on and off the water elements of the event and will publish the Notice of Race in March

If you have any comments on the above perhaps you would like to give me a call before Wednesday, my mobile number is below

Many thanks once again for your interest in our event


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