Need new sails and fancy a discount?

Sails for the National Redwing are made exclusively by Sail Shape Sails. They produce great sails that perform well and last. To get hold of a new set of Sail Shape sails, just get in touch with their Lostwithiel loft on 01726833731.

You can access the Sail Shape web page for the National Redwing here. Sail Shape make great quality sails consistently anyway but we still have an agreement in place that governs our relationship with Sail Shape, you can view that agreement in the members section.

We all need new sails from time to time. We all know that due to the design development, advanced material cutting, hand crafted build as well as the cost of cloth makes sails understandably pricey to buy. Fortunately Sail Shape have agreed to give us discounts on their sails if we can co-ordinate batches of at least 5 sails. If you need a new suit of sails and are willing to wait until we have enough people ready to order theirs at the same time then we can help you get a discount. Please click on the button on the right to add your name to the list and we will get in touch when it is time to place your order.