Important for your class -please read and respond.

Ladies and Gents.

Since the last AGM, Arthur Kinver and myself (Peter Kinver) have put in a great amount of leg work trying to resolve various matters with the sailmakers, this mainly being the sail cloth supply issue where the association was forced into paying up front for a 50% share of the current roll of cloth. The other issues will fall into place once this main one has been dealt with.

We have enough cloth left on our roll for another six to seven suits, Sailshape have one more part roll with enough for one further suit.

Following lengthy meetings, phone calls and emails with both sailmakers it is clear that the current status quo cannot continue in its present form. We now have written a lengthy draft report ready to submit to the association and the outcome may well end up with a full membership vote.

Before we submit this report, and at the eleventh hour, we have received a hint of a change in attitude and as such we need your help. We need to convince certain people that their investment in a new roll of expensive cloth is not going to sit on a storeroom shelf unused for several years.

Please can you get back to me if you are considering buying new Redwing sails in the next three-to-four-year period. Some of you may purchase two suits in that period?. You may even know of others wishing to join the Redwing fleet or wishing to just compete in our championships and they may want new sails?. Please help and get back to me and if required I will keep your names confidential. Basically, I just need numbers, the more the better.

Sorry to trouble you all, its all a faff and should not really be necessary, but we are where we are.

To make double sure any emails get back to me please include

We are sending this out multiple ways, please only respond once to avoid us getting confused.


Peter Kinver

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